5 Tips for Taking Your Toddler to the Pool while on Vacation

The fun of splashing around in a pool with your little one is almost iconic with their cute little suits and adorable flotation devices. However, taking your toddler to the swimming pool also brings with it the importance of water safety to keep your child safe even in very shallow water. Including SwimFin floatation devices in your water fun can be a helpful way to do this!

5 Tips for Taking Your Toddler to the Pool

1. Take a Safety Tour. Whether you have been to your vacation spot before or not, it is always a good idea to take a tour of the safety protocols in place with “fresh eyes.” Look for lifeguards, water safety tips, safety gates, and potential hazards for your little one to reduce the risk of drowning.

2. Make a Family Plan. Based on the facilities where you are vacationing, make a plan as a family. Make sure you know which adults are able and willing to maintain constant supervision around water and remind everyone of specific water safety rules to follow throughout this vacation to keep children safe.

3. Use Safe, Approved Swimming Aids. Many small children use personal flotation devices such as water wings or a life jacket in and around water. However, not all devices are equal. While SwimFin is not a life-saving device, it is fun, comfortable, and endorsed by many swimming governing bodies as a buoyancy aid for nearly all ages!

4. Keep the Elements in Mind. During your vacation, the weather may be a factor in your swimming safety. Pay attention to signs around bodies of water like flags, indicators of rip currents, and tides, and remember inflatables can work against you if the wind is blowing out to sea. And, as always, apply sun protection early and often.

5. Remember Kids are Naturally Curious. No matter how many times you have taught your young children about water safety, that may not be enough to keep them safe around the pool. Children’s natural curiosity, as well as their lack of ability to fully understand risks, means fun at the pool is “school at the pool.” While you are having fun, you are always teaching them about how to stay safe and recover if needed.

How SwimFin Can Help Make Your Vacation Great

Water safety on vacation isn’t always the first thing we think about, but it is an essential part of having a great vacation. Whether you are using SwimFin for the first time to enjoy the fun (and efficient!) way to learn to “swim like a shark” or have known how to fit it to the proper position for years, this awesome floatation device is a great addition to your summer vacation plans.

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