Confident swimming with SwimFin starts with fun

We get a lot of questions about how to use SwimFin and our top tip to encourage confident swimming with SwimFin is to start with fun! That fun actually can begin on land as soon as you receive your SwimFin. Kids love role playing, of course, so as soon as your SwimFin arrives, encourage your child to open the packaging, feel it, free play with it to get used to the feel and texture of the SwimFin.

SwimFin is the top swimming aid for kids of all ages because of the look and freedom that SwimFin gives little sharks. Parents can feel confident about SwimFin thanks to our rigorous testing (we are certified as a toy and flotation device) and the partnership and endorsement by RLSS. Wearing SwimFin allows children to have a more realistic swimming position in the water (chin resting just on top of the water while being fully supported in an upright position) as well as unrestricted movement of their arms and legs which helps children to feel more secure and safe in the water. When children are having fun in the water, their swimming naturally improves at a rapid rate.

We encourage parents to watch our SwimFin fitting video to learn how to safely, securely and quickly fit your SwimFin. Then pop the SwimFin on your little shark in the house and let them run around as a land shark or a dancing dolphin! Better still, why not test the water in the bath or shower at home? This is all part of making SwimFin the first choice for your child. They feel comfortable and secure when they are wearing their SwimFin which solves the challenge of water wobbles before they even pop up! Schedule in plenty of land and bath practice before taking the plunge in your local pool or seaside venue and you will find that your child is ready for a fintastic time when the open water calls.

Let us know how you get on with your indoor SwimFin sessions and what difference it makes to your pool time! We think your little shark will get on swimmingly!

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