What is the youngest age SwimFin is suitable for?

SwimFin was designed for a typical 2-year-old and above, but we’ve received plenty of feedback from parents and teachers telling us about 18-month-olds that have used SwimFin. The record for the youngest child who was able to use SwimFin unaided is fifteen months. SwimFin can also be used by adults learning to swim and individuals with special needs.

Does SwimFin come with the straps?

Yes, SwimFin comes with a pair of regular size straps with color co-ordinated logo in the packaging.

What length are the Regular and Large straps?

When laid out on a flat surface the regular strap measures 78 cm and the large 85 cm. Please note they will stretch around the body – we only recommend large straps for adults and older children.

Up to what age do the regular straps fit on a child?

It depends on the age and weight of a child but the regular size straps fit most average 12-year-olds comfortably. If your child is older or you are purchasing for an adult it would be advisable to order the larger straps in addition.

What weight can a SwimFin hold?

From approximately 33 lbs – 220 lbs maximum weight.

Do I need to hold my child in the water wearing the SwimFin?

We advise letting your child play in shallow water wearing their SwimFin so they can get used to the way it feels first and foremost. From there you can hold your child in the water and encourage arm and leg movement as much as the child would like to. In time your child will want to be off swimming – just watch their confidence grow! It is always advised to supervise your child in and around water at all times.

My child has sensitive skin what do you recommend?

If your child has sensitive skin it is advisable to have them wear a t-shirt or UV top underneath the fin.

Will we be able to use SwimFin at public water parks and swimming pools?

This can depend on the rules and regulations of the particular community center or water park, but generally yes SwimFin is a swimming aid so children should be allowed to wear what you choose to use. Sometimes when going on slides, the staff may ask you to remove the fin as the child cannot lie back if the slide is steep. Instructors worldwide use SwimFin in their lesson programs so as a result, it should be absolutely fine to wear and enjoy learning to swim.

Does SwimFin come with an instruction manual?

No, but an explanation can be found on the ‘How SwimFin Works’ in our About section. We strongly recommend that a parent or teacher assists a child in the early stages until he/she is comfortable with SwimFin. Once they are accustomed to the buoyancy they will know instinctively what to do, and that’s when the freedom and the fun starts! Some kids pick this up instantly but younger children and the less confident may take a little longer. There are no rules on how to use SwimFin – there should be a natural progression until the child lets you know when to let go. SwimFin works with all ages and abilities, but the way it works for one child of a particular age and ability can be totally different from another child’s ability. NEVER wear SwimFin on the FRONT of the body.

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