GUST Swim School loves SwimFin

We are proud to start a new feature on our SwimFin blog: highlighting swim schools who use SwimFin as an integral part of their lessons and instruction. This month we would like to draw your attention to GUST Swim School located in Staffordshire. We asked Lucy from GUST Swim School to share her thoughts about why they use SwimFin throughout their swimming lessons:
  • GUST Swim School uses SwimFin because…
  • Great correctional teaching aid for the body position
  • Gives time for children to correct their stroke without panic
  • Keeps arms free, for great movement front and back
  • Aids balance on their backs for floats and backstroke
  • Great transitional aid with huge positive transfer of skills into unaided swimming
  • Lightweight to take along to swimming lessons or on holiday!
  • Quick and Easy to get on, which is great for keeping our lessons flowing
  • Fun for children to use and helps to overcome early confidence issues
  • Tough, durable, non-fading with lots of bright colours to choose from!
  • Brilliantly affordable with a great longevity

SwimFin plays an extremely huge part within our Swim School. We first approached Kevin at a leisure industry week (a long time ago!) after seeing this bright, new, intuitive designed swimming aid! We knew we had to try it out within our swimming lessons. They were a huge hit then – and still are very much so now…

Children find them fun and exciting – they pick the colour they want to wear! Children have great imaginations and the Swimfin allows them to escape into the swimming world, feeling secure, fearless and self-confident to be a shark or dolphin if they so wish! As a bonus, great skills emerge from this positive swimming aid. Children are no longer ‘surviving’ a width or a length when they begin to swim unaided after using the Swimfin – they are now confident, streamline, strong, very able swimmers!

Teachers find them a great all-rounder, keeping children swimming in a comfortable, safe, confident manner. They are a breeze to attach to the children (we only have small groups of 4) so this keeps us on time, making the most of every lesson but also using the most up to date swim aids!

We have our very own shop here at GUST, so parents love that they can come in and buy exactly what is being used within the lessons. Children then have ownership which makes them bold and courageous coming to their swimming lessons! Parents then use them in their leisure time or take them away on holiday! The fact that we use the brilliant blue & orange colours that fit our GUST branding is a bonus!

GUST Swim School runs lessons throughout Staffordshire and can be found on Social Media through their Facebook page.

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