If children are having fun, they’re learning!

There are no rules on how to use SwimFin. Imagination and teaching knowledge is the key to delivering a successful lesson. How it works for one user is different from how it works for the next.

SwimFin is safe, secure and self-adjusting. The following is offered to you as guidance.


A beginner’s body is lower in the water and the SwimFin is more submerged, offering more uplift and support. The arms are left free for propulsion through the water.


As confidence and ability grow, the body position will improve, SwimFin will raise out of the water as less support is required.


In a totally horizontal position, SwimFin is almost completely out of the water offering very little or no support at all. Since it’s streamlined, it will not impede movement through the water.


SwimFin gives maximum support while encouraging balance without the need for additional buoyancy aids. It easily assists the swimmer to rotate onto the front & regain a safe upright or vertical position.

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