Use A Swimming Aid When Learning to Swim

Whether you are going to the swimming pool or the beach, there are several reasons it is important to know how to swim. While the first reason that crosses most parents’ minds is to avoid drowning, other reasons include improving a child’s overall health (increase stamina, strength, flexibility, and heart/lung health), as well as just for fun!

Even with swimming lessons, learning to swim can be difficult for both children and adults. To make the process easier, using a swimming aid when first getting your feet wet is encouraged. Training aids help build confidence and provide extra support while learning new skills in the water.

Increase Water Confidence

Using a swimming aid can help increase confidence in the water. Swimming aids provide extra support and comfort while the swimmer is learning new skills. SwimFin provides buoyancy and stability which helps the swimmer to feel secure in the water. This increase in confidence can help the swimmer to feel more relaxed and make it easier to learn new swimming skills.

Improve Technique

SwimFin does not hinder arm or leg movement, and because of this, new swimmers are encouraged to use the correct body position, allowing them to learn the correct swimming and stroke techniques. This will help build muscle memories, making it much easier to swim without the aid once confidence and technique have been established.

Combines Learning with Fun

Kids, and people of all ages, learn best when they are having fun at the same time. The SwimFin has proven to be especially popular because of its fun, shark-fin shape and brightly colored design that sparks imagination and makes learning to swim more enjoyable.  

Overall, using a swimming aid can be beneficial for anyone who is learning how to swim. It provides extra support, comfort, and confidence while also helping individuals gain the correct body position and technical skills. This makes transitioning from using the swimming aid to swimming without it easier. The best part is, SwimFin is made for ages 18+ months and up and offers both child and adult-sized straps.

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