How to Feel Safe with Your Toddler in the Water

With summer right around the corner, many parents are thinking about pool season. This also means thinking about how to feel safe with your toddler in the water regardless of their skill level. Below we will offer creative options for toddlers to explore the water, dangers associated with toddlers and water, strategies for keeping them safe, and finally, how our unique personal flotation device SwimFin can help your toddler adjust to the water quickly and safely.

Options for Toddlers to Explore the Water

While most parents think of the pool as the most likely place to introduce their toddler to the water, there are other options! Swimming pools can be intimidating for a toddler. Beginning their introduction to water play in the sink, tub, or baby pool can be a less overstimulating way to introduce water comfort even outside of pool season. And, with its bright color, comfortable design, a SwimFin floatation aid can be fun even when you’re not in a pool!

Dangers for Toddlers in the Water

As much fun as it is to think about making memories with your toddler in the water, it can also be intimidating to keep your child safe. Despite public health efforts and education, drowning remains a leading cause of death for children. For toddlers, most of whom cannot swim or keep their head above water, being around water can be extremely dangerous. The primary concern for a toddler is drowning, however, constant adult supervision is also necessary to control slipping, ingesting the water, and managing the safety of other things in the area such as pool toys or nearby people to keep kids safe.

Strategies for Keeping Toddlers Safe in the Water

The number one most important strategy for keeping toddlers safe in the water is undistracted hands-on supervision. Especially in a group situation, the adults need to determine who is watching the child by the water. For an extra level of protection, that person should be free of devices that may cause distraction. In addition to vigilant supervision, adults should talk with toddlers about being safe around water, establish acceptable entry and exit points, and include age-appropriate flotations devices to assist in their adjustment to the water.

How Swimfin Can Support Your Toddler’s Adjustment to Water

As your family plans for fun around water with your toddler this summer, our fun and unique SwimFin swimming aids in a range of colors are a welcome addition to the equation. While it is not a traditional life jacket, the extensive testing of SwimFin has earned us a partnership with and endorsement by RLSS so parents can feel confident in our product. With an adjustable strap, SwimFin promotes a natural swimming position and range of motion for basic swimming skills and is a great device for toddlers’ creative play on land and in the water. Get yours today and start playing!

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