SwimFin Bumper Pack is the perfect solution for parents

The SwimFin Bumper Pack is the perfect solution for holiday convenience for parents. We know that people love SwimFin but we also have other amazing products that will make your swimming sessions, both at home and abroad, far easier. So we decided to make your shopping a doddle by giving you everything you need in one handy Bumper Pack. You can order the following, making your own colour choices along the way:

  • SwimFin- choose your favourite colour from our 9 choices!
  • Swim cap- Silver, Blue or Pink…we’ve got you covered! Get it?!
  • Back pack- of course you need something to tote your swim kit around, including your SwimFin! Choose from black or pink.
  • Pool toys- we’re giving you a choice of either our Funky Floaties, which are great for our younger swimmers, or our Dinky Divers dive sticks which help learners to perfect their diving technique in all depths of water.

What’s the best part of the deal? Well, the PRICE of course! We’ve given our SwimFin Super Fans a real deal with our SwimFin Bumper Pack. The total, with free delivery in the U.K, is £39.99! Normally each individual item would total up to over £44 but we’re giving you a little incentive to get more kit for your money. So don’t delay! If you are living internationally, please contact our office directly to enquire about postal charges: customerservice@swimfin.co.uk . Pop over to our SwimFin shop now to order your SwimFin Bumper Pack in time for the Summer School Holidays which are just around the corner.

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