SwimFin for every swimming stroke

Did you know that you can use SwimFin for every swimming stroke, even back stroke? Although you wear SwimFin on your back, it can be highly effective for correcting front stroke swimming errors as well as aiding swimmers in balancing and floating to work towards a strong, confident back stroke. Head Shark and SwimFin creator, Kevin Moseley, shares his top tips for using SwimFin for all swimming strokes:

Back Stroke & Floating:

Being comfortable floating on the back can be challenging for many young, learner swimmers. It can be a bit scary to lay back in the water and feel that the SwimFin will support them but it totally does! You can assist your child to gently lay back, while holding them, and allow them to feel the SwimFin fully supporting them on their back. Encourage your little shark to relax and lay in a star position which will help them to feel more stable and comfortable in the water. Then, by simply turning one shoulder, the SwimFin will help your child to right themselves vertically to an upright floating position to play and splash about. Try this starfish float a few times each swimming session while remaining close or touching your child to ensure them that they are safe and secure. As your child feels more confident, the star shape can become the beginning of the back stroke by bringing their legs together and starting to kick and move a bit while floating on the back.

Front Crawl & Body Position:

Beginner swimmers who are learning the front crawl will often have challenges with positioning their body properly. Without a SwimFin, it is difficult to see whether your child is maintaining a proper front crawl position but when wearing a SwimFin, you can very easily see errors. Most children will rotate their torso too much in the water while learning the front crawl. This can lead to a less efficient stroke for your little shark. Have your child wear the SwimFin and ask them to think about keeping their body smooth and sleek like a shark! When a shark swims through the water they maintain a straight and smooth line which allows the fin to glide through the water effortlessly. As your child swims across the pool, remind them to keep the SwimFin straight upright and not wobbly in the water and they will naturally smooth out their torso movement to allow them to swim more swiftly and efficiently.

Flotation and Support:

SwimFin is designed to provide the greatest amount of flotation and support when your child is in a fully vertical position in the water. As your child feels more confident they will naturally begin to lean forward slightly, using their arms and legs (which are free from any restriction). As they lean forward more, the SwimFin rises out of the water more and more. When your child is in a fully prone position on their front for a front crawl or doggy paddle and the SwimFin is entirely out of the water, the SwimFin no longer serves as flotation! This allows your child to progress at their own rate. They will always return to a fully supported position when vertical in the water. SwimFin aids in boosting swimmer’s confidence to allow them to progress faster and more safely! How fin-tastic!

So strap a SwimFin on your little shark, join them in the water and prepare yourself for a fin-tastic swimming session!

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