SwimFin is a must-have for the Beach

SwimFin is wonderful in the pool but is also a must-have for the beach! Why is SwimFin so perfect for the beach? Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. SwimFin is easy to pack and even easier to put on as soon as you arrive at the beach!
  2. Unlike arm bands or vests/floats, SwimFin doesn’t impede movement as it is securely attached to the back. Children’s arms and legs are free to move, run, jump, splash and twirl without restriction.
  3. SwimFin keeps your child safe in and out of the water and allows for some brilliant beach role play. Land Shark anyone?
  4. SwimFin will allow your child to be safe around rock pools and along the shore in the event that they fall in or the water/tide comes in quickly. We always need to remain vigilant around the water and be aware of tides and dangers but your child will be safe in the water if an emergency arises.
  5. SwimFin comes in 9 brilliant and BRIGHT colours which keeps your child easily visible on busy beaches and in the water.

We’re so pleased to share with you a blog post from Haven, Britain’s favourite caravan holiday parks, that features SwimFin as one of the Top 5 Beach Gadgets You Need to Own. We definitely agree that if you’re heading to the beach in the U.K. or internationally, you need to pick up a SwimFin for your Little Sharks. Pop on over to our SwimFin shop to order your favourite colour today!

We’re off to the beach now! In our bags: sunscreen, bucket & spade, picnic blanket & wind break and, of course, a SwimFin! Stay safe SwimFin fans.

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