SwimFin is the fintastic choice for swim schools like Nemo Swimming

SwimFin is always thrilled to hear from swim schools across the UK and one school who was eager to share their SwimFin experiences with us is Nemo Swimming. SwimFin is the “fintastic” choice for swim schools like Nemo Swimming :

Nemo Swimming was founded in 2009 by Phillip Groom and Theresa Nicholson – two individuals who are passionate about swimming, and teaching children to enjoy the water safely.

At the time, they felt that there was very little choice for parents who were looking for swimming lessons for 3-4 year olds; although there were companies catering for older swimmers, and young babies, the pre-school market was largely being neglected. Nemo Swimming was established to provide structured and dedicated classes for this age group in the North Tyneside area.

Over the last ten years, Nemo Swimming has expanded its range of services, and now offers fun, structured and rewarding classes for babies, toddlers, pre-school, and children aged up to 12 years old. Through its franchise network, Nemo Swimming now offers classes from venues across the UK, and is continuing to grow.

The post below comes to us courtesy of Nemo Swimming who are experts in how effective the SwimFin swimming aid can be for young children in lessons. Take notes, parents! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise Nemo Swimming…

Are you a scary shark, or a friendly dolphin?

When it comes to swimming aids, there are many choices out there – arm bands, float suits, swim rings… POOLS of options to pick from. Of course, each option offers its own advantages (and disadvantages) but, as a parent, it can be hard to know which one to select. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from our customers, particularly as we start edging closer to the summer holidays is: “What’s the best floatation aid for my child?”

Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying afloat, staying afloat…

When used properly, flotation aids are a FIN-tastic tool for helping little ones gain confidence in the water. We, along with many other swim schools, use them for that very reason in our lessons.

Although arm bands, thanks to their low cost and durability, are still one of the more popular and commonly used flotation aids out there, they are not everybody’s – particularly swim schools’ – first choice. Although they do offer many advantages, armbands can restrict the movement of the swimmer’s arms. We also feel that some children can become too dependent on them. This may mean that they find it difficult to move to a different swimming aid at a later stage, which can then hinder their progress. It’s also important to remember that, unless both bands have been inflated equally, your child will have to work harder on one side.

So, what do we recommend instead? Well, here at Nemo Swimming, we like to use something a bit different; something that not only provides brilliant support as and when needed, but also offers real element of fun. We are talking, of course, about the SwimFin.

The shape really appeals to our swimmers. We love it because it doesn’t restrict the movement of a child’s arms or legs. It’s also a great transitional aid on the journey to independent swimming. Although the SwimFin can be used on children as young as 18 months, we would typically start to introduce to our swimmers when they reach two years old, with the greatest benefit coming when they are two-and-a-half plus.

Toddlers: 18-36 months

This is the stage where we start introducing our swimmers to the brightly-coloured SwimFin. Parents are still in the water with their little Nemos at this stage, so we start off by encouraging them to hold their grown up’s hands and ‘run’ their legs. Toddlers will be vertical in the water, and it’s in this position that the SwimFin gives maximum support – which is exactly what we want at this stage of their learn to swim journey. The SwimFin swimming aid works by suspending children in the water, allowing them to build confidence while having loads of fun. As their confidence grows, we gradually encourage parents to remove their hands and let their toddler start the process of swimming independently.

Pre-school: 3-4 years

At Nemo Swimming, we like to promote independence in the water from age three. This is a big step for our swimmers – and their parents, of course. We use the SwimFins in our Nemo Pre-school lessons to provide stability and support, and to give our little Nemo the confidence that they need to progress. As our swimmers’ body position becomes more horizontal in the water, they will do more of the work themselves, with the SwimFin offering less and less assistance (though it is always there if needed). Doing this gets our swimmers ready for the next stage of their learn to swim journey, and enables them to build up the skills and confidence they need to swim independently of any floatation aids.

Juniors: 5 years and up

As the Little Sharks get older and start to learn all the various swimming strokes, we still, from time-to-time, bring back the SwimFins (or other swimming aids), even if children are able to paddle across the pool unaided. We do this because the SwimFin is great at providing extra stability so that children can focus on getting their body position correct, or perfecting their leg kicks. It’s not uncommon for adults, including some Olympic athletes, to use the SwimFin for this purpose, so rest assured that your little swimmer is in good company!

Thank you for that brilliant advice Nemo Swimming! We hope that this advice, straight from the professionals to you, will help you to make that decision to purchase a SwimFin and get your Little Sharks on the journey to successful, confident swimming. Please visit our SwimFin shop to order your favourite SwimFin colour today!

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