SwimFin partners with Royal Life Saving Society- the Drowning Prevention Charity

The UK’s drowning prevention charity and leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education, the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), is proud to announce that they are working with SwimFin as an official Water Safety Partner.

SwimFin, designed by Kevin Moseley, a highly qualified UK swimming coach with over 25 years experience, is the only vertical swimming aid suitable for children aged 2 years and older which assists with both learn-to-swim and stroke improvement training.

RLSS UK has entered into a Water Safety Partnership with SwimFin due to its key design features which promote safety during swimming lessons and play, whilst also speeding up the learning process for children, helping them to become better swimmers more quickly.

Key safety design features include:
1) The Fin supports a vertical body position at rest and a horizontal body position when swimming, helping to develop a better natural swimming position
2) Due to its unique shape, the Fin reduces in buoyancy as the swimmer improves and swims closer to the surface
3) It is suitable for child and adult learners (up to 16 stone)
4) Two high quality Velcro straps securely hold the aid to the swimmers body, so it can’t slip away from the learner
5) The Fin reduces the time it takes a child or adult to learn to swim, helping them to become safer quicker
6) Compliant with international safety standards for toys and buoyancy aids (EN71 & EN13138)

RLSS UK Deputy Director of Education and Research, Mike Dunn said: “We are proud to announce a partnership with SwimFin. Teaching children to swim, either as a parent or a swimming teacher is very rewarding, but it can be difficult when children lack confidence or are scared of dropping their float in the water.

“It’s amazing to see how quickly children lose those concerns and start to have fun when using the SwimFin, and combined with the fact that the children can still control their own body position and use their arms and legs freely it’s no wonder that children learn more quickly using this device.

“The buoyancy rating and the high quality straps are great safety features, but of course no matter how good a buoyancy aid is, it is critical that children are kept under constant supervision when in or near the water. Teaching children to swim is an early and very important step to helping them to be safer around water”.

“We are also looking in to how SwimFin may help older, more confident swimmers to have a go at open water swimming, both as a training aid in the pool and as a visual, buoyancy, and confidence aid when open water swimming”.

RLSS UK and SwimFin’s ambition for this partnership is that it will help more children to learn how to swim and stay safe around the water, and support and encourage more people to try safe water based activities.

SwimFin CEO Kevin Moseley said: “We are delighted to partner with the RLSS UK to promote water safety, not just in the UK, but also around the world. Drowning is preventable. Teaching the dangers of water in the home, the pool or the beach in a fun way will help children pick up the crucial life saving skills that could help therm save lives. Having developed a swimming aid that appeals to children and promotes water safety at its core, I can rest assured SwimFin is already saving lives”.

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