SwimFin vs Armbands

We all remember having armbands as a child, RIGHT?

Whether you need a swimming aid for swimming lessons or on holiday there’s now so more choice in terms of floatation aids. So, which would be best? An old classic or a newer style. Of course, we know that SwimFin rocks but here is why we think so in our latest blog!

Ease of Fitting

Armbands were and still are notoriously difficult to put on. Whether it’s the time you have to spend blowing them up (and then deflating them after), or the struggle to wedge your child’s arm back through once they are blown up, they’re never straightforward and will always take at least a few minutes to put on. This is never ideal, taking time up in swimming lessons, or worse, delaying getting into the holiday pool, we’ve yet to find a child (or grown up for that matter!) who is always patient when getting armbands on.

With the SwimFin it saves time and patience! The simple straps fit easily around the child’s torso and are fully adjustable, so they fit comfortably, none of that pressure from armbands which now remind the oldies amongst us of having their blood pressure taken!

Learning to Swim

It’s difficult to be able to learn the proper swimming strokes and techniques, even doggy paddle, when your arms have a restriction, not allowing children to move their arms correctly to help swim.

By wearing the SwimFin on their back, children feel supported, but it importantly also allows them to have full movement in their arms and to be able to learn to swim properly.

It Looks Cool!

Ok, so slightly blowing our own trumpet here but you cannot deny that children will find it really cool to be wearing a shark fin in the pool! Children of all ages will love the simplicity of the SwimFin, it’s shark fin design and vibrant colours will mean that children will still want to have fun wearing it for as long as they can!

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